Zip4096 (zip4096) wrote,

Atlanta Underground Film Festival!

Info: tomorrow night, 7:30PM, Eyedrum, night of animation, five bucks, Chickenheads, animator lectures.

Ah, haven't been writing in this lately at all.

Had some amazing visitors this past weekend!! Diana is so delightful and so is her friend Laura and these crazy Sarasota kids (Aaron Zarzutzki and Bobby) who played at the Eyedrum and finally Jonathan who I wish I could've spent more time with.

And I had an incredible trip to Tally. Bobby Z played as Hair, I ate with friends I love, and I drove back overnight. As usual didn't get to see everyone I wanted to but did see a bunch of people at All Saints which was so nice.

I've got a blog now too which I should write in more: I'd like to use it to post lots of drawings, actually, and attempt to be part of the animation/art blog community that I've found through John K's and Ward's blogs. Mine's at

The real point of this post is to promote this:

More info at:

The basic info is it starts at 7:30 at the Eyedrum and is (I think!) five bucks to get in.

Chickenheads will be showing and I'll be speaking very briefly on basics of Flash :)

Hope to see you there! :D

Oh and if anyone wants a flyer (or ten) let me know because I think there are 5000 of them!

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