Zip4096 (zip4096) wrote,


My animation friend Joanna got her film on AtomFilms:

She gets some tiny amount of money if you watch it. It is absolutely worth watching: similar in style to Pat Smith :) She has been so nice to me and is so easy to talk to!

Anyway, I'd be very curious to hear anyone's opinion on what works in it and what doesn't. Personally I find the drawing and animation quite beautiful (this girl drew on paper!!!) but I think it could maybe use some more sound or something.

Also, a girl at work (one of a very few) came up to me the other day and said she'd seen Chickenheads. "Huh??" I said. She'd found it on Google Video when she searched for Ren and Stimpy!

This means Sean, Bobby, Garrett, and Steve's names are in Google Video. How about that? If you search Google Video for Garrett's full name, for instance, there's Chickenheads.

Finally, speaking of video, how come everyone is using YouTube suddenly? Is Google Video not as cool? There were like three YouTube links posted on John K's latest post (they're all fascinating). Has anyone used both Google Video and YouTube? Maybe it's simply easier to post things on YouTube.
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